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Tropic Ocean Airways is a veteran-owned and operated company founded by US NAVY TOPGUN in 2009. Tropic has a long standing reputation for offering first-class, fun, and adventurous seaplane services throughout South Florida, the Bahamas, and New York. Avoid long lines at commercial terminals, clear customs on your return in 15 minutes, and arrive directly to your destination on land and sea. Our staff features highly trained professionals that will ensure every aspect of your trip is personally handled. From the moment you inquire with our professional and knowledgeable sales representatives, to your first steps at your destination, then on to your last steps through our private terminal with your Tropic Pilot, Tropic is here to ensure your trip is as seamless as possible. Simply put…Show up, enjoy the experience, depart thrilled, then do it all over again knowing your next visit will be an exciting one. We at Tropic Ocean Airways, are proud of our heritage, our core values, and most importantly the guests that make this all possible. We invite you to join our family and we look forward to seeing you in the skies, and on the water.


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Our Commitment

We understand the importance and value of your time, and we promise to do all we can starting from the moment you first contact a dedicated Tropic representative to the time when you are safely back in your vehicle discussing the experience of a lifetime. Our commitment to you is to ensure every aspect of your itinerary is handled safely, effectively and efficiently.


Redefine aviation standards by providing dedicated world-class services to private travelers, yacht provisioning companies, and business commuters.


Over 100+ years of aviation experience, maintain rigorous FAA and DOT operating standards, and always flying TWO (2) experienced Pilots and Co-Pilots on every flight.


Personalized, tailored-to-order flight, hotel, and activity itineraries to destinations most airlines simply can not directly operate to.


You are more to us than being a passenger, client, or consumer; You are our guest and are the heart of our family.

Personally Tailored Services

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The Tropic Experience

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