With a Tropic Ocean Airways exclusive private charter, we guarantee our guests a safe, personalized world-class, and luxurious travel experience throughout Florida and the Bahamas. As our Guests are able to work with a dedicated sales associate to plan their itinerary to match their schedule. Our professional team of sales agents will work with you to determine the best time to fly and help you with any questions you may have.

Our fleet of amphibious aircraft, and now wheeled service, we can take you to your desired destination regardless of runway access (in most cases).  With the ability to land on either a runway or the water, the options for destinations are truly endless.

Our most popular water-landing destinations in the Bahamas and the Florida Keys are: Bimini, West End, North Eleuthera, Great Guana Cay, Kamalame Cay, Key West, and Treasure Cay.  Private residences and secluded destinations are also in demand.  Each one of these islands boats exotic views, and an experience that can only be had by flying on a seaplane.

Our most popular land-based destinations are Marsh Harbor, Nassau, and Georgetown, Exuma. If you are unsure the destination you would like to travel, we are here to help. The Tropic family is quite experienced when it comes to making appropriate recommendations for travelers and tourists alike.  With the addition of our new wheeled Grand Caravan EX’s, we can now provide you the opportunity to fly directly without the hassle of commercial terminals.  Not sure what we mean?  Check out our Private vs. Commercial

Upon arrival at our private terminal, our guests are greeted by our customer service agent and pilot to be checked in. With no lines at TSA or checked baggage lines, there is no need to arrive two hours before the flight. Arriving thirty minutes before departure leaves you plenty of time to grab a quick complimentary snack or coffee before being escorted directly to the awaiting seaplane. The flight will take you over the beautiful crystal Bahamian waters, and depending on the destination, it will culminate in an exciting and safe landing, directly at your destination.

For smaller groups, we recommend our Cessna 206, which seats up to four people, with a possibility of five depending on weight. Guests may communicate with their pilot, and listen to air traffic control, throughout the flight by using the provided headsets.Larger groups may opt for our eight seater Cessna 208, equipped with large plush leather seats and an air conditioned cabin for your convenience and comfort.

Whichever plane you choose, our guests are sure to be whisked away on an adventure they won’t soon forget.

We look forward to having you as our guest.

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